Defender | 800mm width x 42U

Width 800mm x 42U Defender
Locking, Removable High-density Vented Steel Front Door and Rear Door.
Up to 71%’s Ventilation Rate of Its Vented Steel Front Door and Rear Door.
Spring Round Lock in Front Door and Rear Door.
Removable Side Panels with Easy Handy Latches.
Adjustable Mounting Profile and Mounting Angle.
Anti-static Blue Zinc Mounting Rails.
SPCC High Quality Cold Roll Steel Construct.
Tough Textured Powder Coat Finish.
Leveling Feet and Heavy Duty Castors Available.
Compatibility with Airflow Optimization Accessories.
600mm and 800mm Width are Available.
Cable Management Slot on Each Side for 800mm Width.
800mm and 1000mm Depth are Available.
Open Bottom Panel for Cable Access, Meet IP20 Protection Grade.
Depth and Height Selectable, Full Range Accessories.

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