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KP6 Series

Keep Wi-Fi Power On

Functional Type


Battery Voltage


Power Capacity

Single Phase (120VAC)




KP6 Series

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  • 概要
  • Smart Mini DC UPS

    Keep Wi-Fi Power On

    KP6 XS  /  KP6 EC   /  KP6 MAX 

    High-capacity Battery

    29.6Wh / 37Wh / 74Wh capacity battery supports your devices working longer hours

    Typical Application Scenario

    Powering up Modem, Wireless Router and Camera


    1*PoE + 3*DC + 1*USB outputs support powering up 5+ devices

    Stay Safe From Fire 

    V-0 flame resistance product housing secures you and your property

  • ● With 1 * Passive PoE, 3 * DC and 1 * USB output ports, KP6 Series is able to power up multiple devices simultaneously.
    ● AC to DC 0ms transfer technology keeps your devices working when electricity is ON/OFF shifting.
    ● With wall-mount slots on the back, KP6 Series can be mounted on wall easily.
    ● Air cooling system provides maximum heat dissipation, ensuring the long-term stability of UPS.
    ● V-0 flame retardant product housing secures you and your property.
    ● High-capacity battery provides longer backup time.
    ● 18W high-power output provides better compatibility.

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